Adam Royall

Medical Intuitive | Cellular Energetics | Holistic Psychology

Nambour – Thu & by appointment

INVESTMENT – 1 hour – $188

Adam offers Medical Intuitive Healing at The Chi Hub Nambour.

As a Medical Intuitive Healer, we will together open up a new realm of healing possibilities through cellular energetics.

Through cellular energetic healing – our cells respond to the vibratory signals of powerful frequencies that are channeled through a higher intelligence, allowing our body to naturally heal & release toxins, trauma & dis-ease stored in our physical body & cellular memory.

Cellular Energetics treats mild to chronic health conditions, stuck emotions, and trauma-based symptoms by sending powerful healing frequencies directly to the cells to reverse cellular damage, eliminate toxins, repair, and restore cellular health.

Creating equilibrium in the physical body and returning to our natural state of being.

I work with all types of health conditions, physical pain & emotional imbalances to help you return to optimal health.

My healings are offered in a nurturing and safe environment, allowing your nervous system to fall into a state of relaxation and gently release symptoms causing unease.

Experience Adam – Medical Intuitive at The Chi Hub Nambour wellness centre on Thursdays each week.