Alicia Hall

Neuro-Muscular Release | PACH (Past Age Clearing & Healing | Chakra Balance

Noosa – Thu


Standard fee for individual one-on-one art therapy sessions: $120 for 90 min (Sold as a 6 week block). Includes all materials.

Alicia is a natural therapist offering her modalities of Neuro-Muscular Release, PACH (Past Age Clearing & Healing) and Chakra Balancing from The Chi Hub Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. Her business is Life in Restoration – Assisting you to restore your life on all levels.

Alicia is a well experienced healer and facilitator with over 10 years experience working with clients. Her warm embrace and compassion will allow you to feel comfortable during your healing sessions. One step at a time she will assist you to restore your life into health, joy and ease. Alicia works individually with all age types and also offers sessions to couples and families who are experiencing obstacles, conflict or needing a change in dynamics. She is excited to journey with you on your healing path…..

Alicia’s range of treatment options include:


Are you experiencing a sore back, sore muscles, painful hips, painful knees or headaches?

These relaxing individual sessions assist the body to naturally realign the muscular & skeletal system.

While the client is on the table, tension is released from the muscles by using a specific technique which allows the skeleton to realign.

When the tension is released from the muscles & the skeleton realigns, this results in pain relief, improvement of organ function & optimal energy flow throughout the body.

PACH (Past Age Clearing & Healing):

During these individual sessions you will be guided through a process of how to self-heal any blockages, imbalances or wounds on all levels of your being (the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual).

These blockages and imbalances can show up on the physical level as pain or disease, on the mental level they can be experienced as limited or outdated beliefs we have about ourselves/our lives, on the emotional level it is often experienced as overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger and fear, on the spiritual level you may feel that you don’t belong or disconnected from your true self.

This healing process empowers you to see and feel immediate changes from within.

PACH allows you to release blocked energy from the past (including past lives), balance energy in the present, and clear fears and anxieties projected into the future.


This healing technique releases any chakra blockages & promotes a free flow of energy to restore balance, health & a sense of well-being.

Chakra balancing can assist with:

·Developing confidence, energy & happiness to feel good about yourself & your life

·Correcting any imbalances that have manifested in the physical body

·Healing anxiety that is currently holding you back

·Remaining calm within your everyday life

*If you are unable to attend your healing session in person, Alicia also offers remote healing options*

Experience Alicia – Neuro-Muscular Release, PACH (Past Age Clearing & Healing) and Chakra Balancing at The Chi Hub Noosa on Thursdays each week.