Anushka Arthur

Holistic Healing & Mentoring | Reiki | Past Life Healing | Somatic Healing

Nambour – Thur


$222 – 90 min Holistic Healing session – An intuitive blend of modalities including; coaching methods, spirituality, energy and somatic healing to help you transcend beyond your current limitations.

Standard fee for individual one-on-one art therapy sessions: $120 for 90 min (Sold as a 6 week block). Includes all materials.

Anushka runs her business from The Chi Hub Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.

It is Anushka’s deepest passion and mission to empower individuals with the knowledge of the deep connection of the mind, body, soul and intricacies of the human experience so that they can move outside the bounds of their current limitations.

With a diverse range of certifications including; Reiki Usui Master and Seichim Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapy Practitioner, and more, Anushka’s offerings extend beyond just traditional coaching methods. Her holistic and integrative approach, fused with her advanced modalities, help clients achieve transformative results that integrate and honour the mind, body, and soul.

At the core of Anushka’s healing mission is the celebration of authenticity and resilience. She aims to guide individuals to step into their authentic selves by embracing their past, embracing their struggles, and unveiling their inner resilience.

True healing comes from embracing vulnerability, learning from experiences, and finding the strength to create a life that is truly aligned with one’s values and aspirations.

Through compassionate mentoring and targeted exploration of the subconscious, clients feel safe to unearth the core obstacles that hinder growth.

Anushka’s dedication extends to helping individuals thrive and flourish in all facets of their lives, whether it’s work, relationships, self-identity, or more self compassion and love.

Clients are fully supported and nurtured as they forge a path to more empowerment and abundance, fostering a world where every person takes back their narrative and lives a life of profound significance.

Anushka holds holistic healing sessions from The Chi Hub, a wellness centre in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast.

You can read more about Anushka and what she offers on her website

Experience Holistic Healing with Anushka at The Chi Hub Nambour wellness centre on Thursdays each week in the Earth Room.