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Nambour – By Appointment

One-on-one session
75 mins $144
7 week block $783


0491 823 118

I am a full time Artist and Active Dreaming Facilitator working with people from many walks of life here in Australia and internationally.

I am a self taught artist and have studied Specialised Guided Imagery and Active Dreaming for the last 7 years with the School of Images in New York.

I paint from my dreaming self, from true imagination, and therefore throughout my work creativity and the inner language of dreaming come hand in hand.

Original Business Logos – Embody, clarify and dream into being your ‘hearts work’ through a creation that i will paint for you.

Have digital images for all your business marketing, branding and your own original logo creation for your work space.

‘Embodied Heart’ Creations for Couples – Through Active Dreaming, couples numerology and conscious awareness of the masculine and feminine dance bring your shared vision together to heal, honour and celebrate your journey through the creation of your own original ‘Embodied Heart’ painting that I will make for you to have in your own sacred space.

Interior Murals & Commissions – Do you have an inspired vision for your home, a special room or intention? Then you can now bring it to life as an original creation, ether as a mural or an original customised creation that dreams your vision into being.

Dream Healing Consults – Gain insight, understanding, tools and resolve to night dreams that are either one off profound dreams, a nightmare or repetitive dreams. This work is very insightful, fast and very effective way to transform and receive the gift of any dream.

Conception + Pregnancy Consults – Through specialised guided imagery exercises clear and open the way for conscious conception and for women who have conceived a beautiful journey is available to support body, mind and heart for all stages of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, both for mothers and for partners.

{*General womb clearing consults are available on request)

Art + Active Dreaming Workshops – Open up your own creative source through 1 day journeys that are insightful, fun and transformative from the inside out!

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(Facilitation is either in person or online – Asaya Creations Studio is located in Maleny, Sunshine Coast)