Francis Swindells

Acutonics® Certified Sound Medicine Practitioner

Nambour – Mon / Fri

One-on-one session
75 mins $144
7 week block $783

Acutonics® Certified Sound Medicine Practitioner.

Working with Sound Medicine for over 6 years, Francis’s experience and toolkit means he can tune in very quickly, and specifically, to your nervous system and what it needs. Most clients seek out Francis to help with sleep deprivation, chronic or acute pain, or feelings of overwhelm, stress and/or disconnection from self.

Prior to moving into Sound Medicine, Francis followed a path of leadership, providing support and healing others that has been embedded his ancestry for generations. His ability to adapt his skills has enabled him to work in many careers including Information Technology for Qld Government (QPS and other departments), as well as work in the remote outback of Australia as a Geophysical Technician. This instilled the importance of creating safe space for those I work with, also vulnerable, as well as making a stand for justice.

From there Francis moved into Personal Training, supporting clients to reconnect to their innate inner strength and the miraculous machine of the physical body. The next iteration was to then bring his extensive training in energetics and vibrational medicine to the more subtle and sensitive aspects of the body.

Using his wealth of knowledge in addition to a specific blend of Sound Vibration, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Shamanic Wisdom, experience a phenomenal and extensive diagnostic process that will reveal core issues requiring attention. Simply treating surface level symptoms isn’t always what’s actually needed.

Francis prides himself and his practice on creating a safe and supportive space for everyone. You’ll walk out of your healing session or a group sound journey feeling grounded and a deeper connection with yourself in all areas of life.

You can experience Francis from the Water Room at The Chi Hub Nambour on a Monday & Friday.