Gemma Wright


Nambour – Wed / Thu

One-on-one session
75 mins $144
7 week block $783

Gem offers a personalised Kinesiology attunement for clients’ individual needs. Sessions with Gem usually combine a range of modalities integrated with Kinesiology to further assist healing as well as an understanding of the origin of the stress that is causing dis-harmony or dis-ease.

A session with Gem can help people to feel for centred, energised, clear and ready to take the next steps in life. Gem’s Kinesiology is insightful and supportive of transformation. Gems gentle approach offers a supportive environment for healing. Gem says her practice encourages self-responsibility while assisting clients to create, realise and achieve their goals, develop their self-awareness and activate their own potential.

Kinesiology reads the signals that the body is requesting to return to an optimal state of health and wellbeing. Kinesiology has the ability to access underlying stress that may be causing bodily pain, poor energy flow, mental fatigue and emotional disturbance. Kinesiology can deepen a person’s understanding of the body and self in a holistic way.

Using muscle monitoring of the body’s bio-feedback system, Gem Kinesiology offers a blend of Eastern and Western medicine, and energy medicine.

Kinesiology is able to locate answers and work with multiple layers contributing to imbalance.

If you want to step out of survival stress and into your highest potential as the true creator of your life, Gem Kinesiology can shine the light.

Gem brings a steady wisdom and optimism, offering a safe space for empowered well-being and transformation.