Julie Gear

Raynor Massage | Holistic Counselling | Time Line Therapy | Healing Touch

Nambour – Tues

One-on-one session
75 mins $144
7 week block $783

Julie runs her Business Blissful Touch Treatments from The Chi Hub Nambour, a wellness centre on the Sunshine Coast. Julie offers Massage | Holistic Counselling Nambour. Various types of Massage include, Raynor Massage & Healing Touch.

The Blissful Touch treatments experience extend far beyond a conventional massage. They can be cherished as true energetic bodywork.

Blissful Touch is the powerful culmination of esteemed practitioner Julie Gear’s devoted studies, spanning many different modalities of healing, from; Raynor Massage, Healing Touch, Time Line Therapy, through to Quantum Healing.

Julie has embraced the spiritual journey for over 25 years, discerning 6 years ago to dedicate herself to the support of others, by sharing her accrued knowledge and heart-centred wisdom in healing.

Julie’s latest studies in Holistic Counselling are a pursuit she sees as the final piece and passion, to provide premium holistic support for every client, catering to a broad spectrum of possible concerns.

Julie’s Blissful Touch treatments serve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the client – bringing out what needs to be healed.

“Assisting in this transformation is such a beautiful thing to observe” Julie explains.

Pain is our body speaking to us… Is your body aching?

Blissful Touch treatments assist:

• Sore Feet

• Pins and Needles in Hands

• Aching Body

• Trouble Sleeping

• Emotional Release

• Energetic Healing

Are you ready to listen somatically and experience the release of this discomfort?

In her spare time Julie loves to connect with her two adult children and one grand-baby. She enjoys walking in nature, clean living, completing jigsaw puzzles, exploring the great outdoors and having fun with her adventurous spirit.

Julie is available on a Tuesday from the Fire Room. Julie offers Massage | Holistic Counselling Nambour.