Karen Jeske

Somatic & Expressive Psychotherapist | Couples Therapy

Nambour – Sat

One-on-one session
75 mins $144
7 week block $783

Karen offers her services of Psychotherapy Nambour and Art Therapy from The Chi Hub Nambour.

Karen has a background in both the arts and education. She had undertaken studies that combine her interest in psychology, education and the arts. In particular she is passionate about how the arts assist healing and create momentum for change. This has been her experience and so she is dedicated to sharing it with others. This work has helped her to make sense psychologically, behaviourally, emotionally and somatically. She has become a more embodied, regulated and resourceful human being. She holds a Masters Degree in Experiential & Creative Arts Practice & is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Karen is a professional member with ANZACATA.

Karen brings a sense of curiosity to her interactions with clients supporting them to look with fresh eyes, to imagine, create and action new ways of being. Clients learn how to make sense of personal challenges and move towards an embodied life with more awareness of themselves as they interact in the world. The intention is to connect to their innate human potential to heal and flourish beyond trauma, chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

Karen’s ability is to collaborate with and companion her client to heal from trauma via nervous system work. Her intention as a therapist is to connect clients to their ‘aliveness” which ultimately shifts them away from patterned behaviours connected to their survival energy and into a new way of living. Karen’s works giftedly to affirm the creative being within. A process of awakening the infinite wisdom that stretches beyond wildest visions; the hidden becomes seen and the unspoken becomes heard, and clients grow their potential in remarkable ways.

Karen specialises in Trauma & PTSD, attending via Creative Arts Therapy, Sensori-motor Art Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and EMDR. Somatic Experiencing is a body-based therapeutic framework for healing stress related disorders.

A few words from Karen – “I feel blessed to be able to share tools and experience incredible creative processes with others, even those who believe they do not have a creative bone in their body! I take pride in busting this myth! I learn something new every day and witness extraordinary shifts in myself and other human beings. There is so much about the creative processes of humans that is sacred and innate yet for many, somehow lost or denied. I feel extremely grateful to be able to have daily connection with creativity; my own and my clients, it’s incredibly exciting to me. I welcome you wholeheartedly into a space of creativity, self-inquiry and healing.”

Experience Karen and Psychotherapy Nambour from the Earth Room on Saturdays.

Psychotherapy Nambour. Art Therapy Nambour.