Kirsten O’Shea

Sound Healer | Yoga & Relaxation Therapist

Noosa – Sun

1 hr – $250

Kirsten runs her business Sana Spirit from the The Chi Hub Noosa, a wellness centre in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast. Kirsten offers Sound Healing Noosa & Relaxation Therapy.

Sana Spirit Sound with Kirsten – “Relaxation done differently”

Kirsten holds a degree in Exercise Science with years of professional experience working with clients in private clinical care. She is also a musician and has spent many years creating music as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her in-depth knowledge of human physiology combined with her love of movement, music and meditation led her to becoming a registered Yoga Instructor and certified Sound Therapist.

Whilst running her own Yoga business and teaching classes across the Sunshine Coast, she started incorporating the use of sound during savasana (the rest phase of Yoga) where she was able to witness the profound effects gentle sound had on her students. Sound holds the unique ability to permeate deep to the core of tension via sound waves and harmonic vibrations, whilst inviting ease and stillness into the body. Through the use of modern and sacred instruments Sound Therapy can be delivered on, or off, the body. This is especially beneficial for those with heightened sensory states or for those who simply prefer to not receive touch.

Kirsten now offers this powerful and potent modality exclusively to clients at The Chi Hub – Noosa every second Sunday in serene private settings. Each relaxation session is personalised for the client and can accommodate for a range of health concerns including stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, pain and digestion problems.

Experience relaxation done differently and book in for a whole-body sonic massage today.

Please note this treatment is NOT suitable during pregnancy***

Experience Kirsten – Sound Healing Noosa at The Chi Hub Noosa on Sundays.