Lisa Bidgood

Occupational Therapist

Nambour – Tues


Lisa offers her services of Occupational Therapy at The Chi Hub Nambour.

I am an occupational therapist and yoga teacher specialising in how the body and nervous system are impacted by chronic conditions, trauma or disability. I help people reconnect with their bodies through sensory processing, movement, daily habits/routines, and education.

Together, we look at patterns of movement, posture, breath, and engagement which may be contributing to your current symptoms and how they show up in habits, routines, and roles in your life.

Collaboratively we create space and experiences to feel and move your body in an integrative way for a sense of connection with both your physical and emotional body using:

– the principles and practices of yoga

– functional movement

– sensorimotor tools

– myofascial release

– breath work, and

– mindfulness.

There are many effective techniques to the art of healing and body work that support wellbeing. I offer a unique perspective to integrative and holistic therapy; a fusion of east and west medical models.

Lisa’s particular areas of interest include:

– Neurological rehab (for people living with stroke, spinal cord injury, PD, TBI, MS etc)

– PTSD & Trauma support to maintain balance in the body’s responses

– Chronic Pain support

– Menopause support

– Sleep Strategies for healing and restoration

Please check the website for more information on funding & rebates (Medicare, Private Health Insurance, NDIS etc).

Experience Lisa – Occupational Therapy at The Chi Hub Nambour wellness centre on Tuesdays each week.