Teagan Banyan

Owner/Director The Chi Hub | Mama Medicina Practitioner- Pregnancy & Fertility Massage, Abdominal & Womb Massage | Lomi Lomi Massage Nambour

Nambour – Tue/Fri

Noosa – Mon


90 mins from $155 / 75 mins from $144

Teagan is the Owner/Director of The Chi Hub’s and has a passion for wellness and self-care which led her to open up the beautiful centres.

Teagan is a certified Mama Medicina Practitioner specialising in Women’s Womb and Pelvic Care. This includes Pregnancy and Fertility Massage, along with Abdominal & Womb Massage.

Teagan is also a Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner offering her Relaxation Lomi Lomi Massage Nambour services from The Chi Hub Nambour, a wellness centre on the Sunshine Coast. These massages are a Full Body Massage and Relaxation Massage.

Available at the Nambour and Noosa hubs from 2 beautiful healing spaces

-Lomi Lomi Massage for all

-Pregnancy Massage

-Fertility Massage

-Holistic Abdominal and Pelvic Care Massage

-Womb Health

-Womb Steaming and Self Care Massage Education

-Post Partum Massage

Teagan has been on a journey with Alternative Health since she was a teenager. Through her own journey of embodiment, self love and self care, she is now offering her gifts to help others to come home to themselves and to their bodies.

Teagan is offering the gift of touch, nervous system balance and supporting the Lymphatic system with Lomi Lomi Massage.

Lomi Lomi Massage is more than just a physical therapy; it also has spiritual benefits that help to promote emotional and mental well-being. According to Hawaiian tradition, Lomi Lomi Massage is a form of bodywork that seeks to balance the energy flow in the body. The massage is designed to release emotional and mental stress, while also balancing the body’s energy centers, known as chakras.

The massage techniques used in Lomi Lomi work to release tension and promote deep relaxation, which can help to reduce anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional stress. The gentle strokes and nurturing touch of Lomi Lomi Massage can also provide a sense of comfort and support, which can be beneficial for those who are experiencing emotional pain or trauma.

By promoting a sense of connection between the mind, body, and spirit, Teagan can help individuals achieve a state of inner peace and harmony.

Teagan is available on Tuesdays at the Nambour Hub and on Mondays from the Noosa Hub.

To experience Teagan’s offerings, Pregnancy Massage Nambour, Fertility Massage, Abdominal and Womb Massage Nambour, Lomi Lomi Massage Nambour, Full Body Massage Nambour, Relaxation Massage Nambour, Relaxation Lomi Lomi Massage Nambour, you are invited to connect with Teagan.

If you like to discuss the option of running an event, workshop, class at The Nambour Hub, or in joining the Chi Hub’s as a practitioner, Teagan is available via email: hello@thechihub.com.au or give her a call on 0410 244 722.