Rachel Bourne

Biofield Tuning | EFT | Quantum Re-Imprinting | Health Coaching | Lomi Lomi Massage | Kahuna Massage

Noosa – Thu / Fri


Initial treatment – TBA

Standard fee for individual one-on-one art therapy sessions: $120 for 90 min (Sold as a 6 week block). Includes all materials.

Rachel runs her business Wild Heart Synergy from The Chi Hub Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

Rachel is deeply passionate about guiding individuals on their journey to wellness, drawing from a rich tapestry of qualifications and modalities to facilitate profound transformation. Her ultimate vision is to support her clients & community to connect with themselves, deeply, and the true self regenerative healing state that is mirrored in nature, the microbiome and the soul. Rachel’s work supports you to remember how you can heal yourself guiding you into a co-creative flow on all levels.

With a diverse skill set, Rachel offers a range of holistic therapies including sound healing, biofield tuning, EFT, quantum re-imprinting, Creation healing, light language activations, bodywork such as Lomi and Kahuna massage, as well as intuitive massage.

Rachel’s practice also encompasses traditional ancestral healing, mediumship, and her unique shadow exposure and release technique aimed at uncovering and addressing the root causes of health issues, ancestral patterns and subconscious suppressed emotions.

In addition to her hands-on experience, she has delved into the realm of writing, with her second draft of a book exploring the collective emotional suppression linked to 25 different cancers. This work sheds light on the gifts inherent in these challenges and the healing they call us to embrace.

Having accumulated over 4000 hours of one-on-one facilitation experience, Rachel is committed to supporting individuals, particularly those with a history of severe trauma/ptsd, cptsd, auto immune, womb & fertility healing, and cancer issues on their path to wellness.

Certified in yoga teaching 500 RYT mindfulness facilitation, coaching, and have collaborated closely with a local holistic health clinic assisting patients on their cancer healing journeys for many years.

Rachel has a continuous quest for knowledge and growth, and is currently immersed in Dr. Zach Bush’s intrinsic journey health coaches program.

Experience Rachel at The Chi Hub Noosa on Thursdays and Fridays each week.