Raya Thorne

Psychic | Energy Healer

Noosa – Thu / Sat

INVESTMENT – Intensive $150

Standard fee for individual one-on-one art therapy sessions: $120 for 90 min (Sold as a 6 week block). Includes all materials.

Raya is a Psychic and Energy Healer and runs her business Raya Thorne from The Chi Hub Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

Raya is an internationally known psychic that offers life-changing transformations with her abilities.

Having a background in esoterica, Raya specialises in communications with your spirit guides, timeline readings and looking into your psyche to help you see emotional blockages and blind spots that could be stopping you from progressing in your life. She also has a great capacity in reading peoples health, relationships and major life choices for the best possible outcome for the individual.

Raya has helped countless clients through all different kinds of pain, grief, and trauma. If you’re feeling stuck, needing guidance, are dealing with something otherworldly, or want to discover your own psychic awareness, Raya is your next step.

Experience Raya – Psychic and Energy Healer at The Chi Hub Noosa on Thursdays & Saturdays.