Rochelle Adam

Psychic Body Readings

Noosa – Tues / Fri

INVESTMENT – 90 mins $130

Standard fee for individual one-on-one art therapy sessions: $120 for 90 min (Sold as a 6 week block). Includes all materials.

0407 570 222

Rochelle has been in the healing industry for 20 years and has a passion for helping clients to gain clarity and deep understanding of the causes of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dysfunction.

Rochelle has developed Psychic Body Readings based on 20 years of personal development, hands on experience and education. Rochelle has worked with thousands of clients, which provided the experience she needed to develop her skills.

Psychic Body Readings involves hands on healing combined with messages from your guides. The information presented is based on the order of priority for the client on a soul level.

This treatment aims to help clients free themselves of negative patterns and childhood dysfunction, which is negatively impacting relationships. The readings aim to develop the clients self awareness, self love, self responsibility and compassion.

Passed loved ones and spirits around the client can enter the session and Rochelle communicates with them to assist them to understand the options available to them in the spirit world. Most people don’t realize the impact spirits can have on them energetically and once they leave clients often feel lighter.

Rochelle provides a loving, safe and non judgmental space for clients.

Experience Rochelle at @thechihub Noosa on Tuesdays and Fridays.