Sebastian Mohr

Zen Thai Shiatsu Practitioner | Spiritual Response Therapy | Regenerative Farmer

Nambour – Tues



Standard fee for individual one-on-one art therapy sessions: $120 for 90 min (Sold as a 6 week block). Includes all materials.

Seba runs his business from The Chi Hub Nambour on the Sunshine Coast. Offering Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Nambour.

In the gentle cadence of mindful well-being, I am Sebastian Mohr, a certified Zenthai Shiatsu practitioner. Within each session, I delicately weave the threads of earth connection, spirituality, and holistic healing, crafting a tapestry of tranquility.

Roots in the Soil: Originating in the fertile soil of North Patagonia, my professional journey began as an Agriculture Technician. Embracing the profound wisdom of organic farming, permaculture, and regenerative practices, my expedition to Australia unfolded into a spiritual odyssey, guided by the gentle whispers of the Higher Self.

Holistic Background: Over the past half-decade, I immersed myself in the study of Spiritual Response Therapy and Zenthai Shiatsu since 2022. This transformative journey is a mindful dance in the rhythm of life, where the landscape of the earth becomes a canvas for designing the artistry of well-being. Just as a farmer intuitively shapes the land, the experience of having hands in the soil grounds me to the essence of the earth.

Zenthai Shiatsu Approach: In the soft breeze of Zenthai Shiatsu, I invite you to traverse the landscape of your being, feeling the ancient stories whispered by the spirits of the forest. Each session is a mindful journey, harmonizing the physical, spiritual, and emotional dimensions of your existence. Deep in the soils, where humus enriches the roots of plants, with a humble touch and hands adorned with the earth’s embrace, I offer a nourished deep connection with Mother Earth. Emphasis is placed on relaxing your nervous system, allowing you to deepen your connection with the parasympathetic nervous system.

What Sets Me Apart: My practice transcends mere techniques; it’s a mindful tapestry woven with threads of earth’s wisdom and the sacred whispers of the forest. Tailored to your unique needs, my sessions offer a sanctuary for balance and vitality to gracefully unfold.


Zenthai Shiatsu Sessions: A mindful fusion of touch, energy, and presence, inspired by the teachings of mindfulness maestro Thich Nhat Hanh, enriched by the intuitive touch cultivated through the artistry of farming.

Spiritual Response Therapy: A profound connection to your higher self, unraveling the unconscious programs that shape the landscape of your life.

Experience Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Nambour and Spiritual Response Therapy with Sebastian at The Chi Hub Nambour wellness centre on Tuesdays each week in the 5 Element Room.