Sophie Galliano

Art Therapy | Psychotherapy | Counselling

Noosa – Thur


Sophie runs her business Mallee Therapies from the The Chi Hub Noosa, a wellness centre in Noosa, Sunshine Coast. Sophie offers Art Therapy NDIS, Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Sophie holds a diploma in clinical and educational art therapy, alongside a BA honours in performance art, and has a special passion for working with people who are experiencing challenging mental health and disabilities.

Sophie has worked in the disability sector for over 4 years across a range of diagnosis, including trauma and mental health conditions.

Previous to this Sophie worked as a palliative care nurse and this time allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the diversity and complexities within each and every person, and she carries this heavily through her therapeutic practice, upholding the individuals wishes and enabling them maintain full autonomy and control of their own healing journey.

Sophie facilitates one to one sessions where she works together with the client (and caregiver if needed) to create a safe and connected space to allow the client to explore, grow and learn through artistic self expression.

What is Art therapy?

Art and self expression is the language that transcends all barriers, it is a form of communication that allows the client to have a clearer view and awareness of our individual inner conflicts and embedded emotional deadlocks, allowing them to understand what needs to be done to move through those internal battles, release their hold, create balance and harmony.

Each and every one of us is beautifully unique and abundantly complex, and the environment in which we grow ultimately shapes us, and determines the way in which we perceive and react to the world around us. Often this can unknowingly confine people to belief systems and embed ‘stories’ that translate into their lives, creating an uneasy and restless space.

This can manifest itself in many ways including poor mental health, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, physical discomfort and disability and challenges with relating.

Art therapy and expressive therapies such as visual art, expressive journaling, movement, play, drama, poetry, music and sound are an individualistic and holistic approach, allowing the client to be in complete control of their own healing, and unlike most western medicine and talk therapies, never adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Mediums Sophie uses include:



Charcoal and chalk






Movement (dance or aided movement to music)

Did you know art therapy can be accessed as a support through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

BOTH NDIS plan managed and self managed welcomed.

Experience Sophie – Art Therapist NDIS at The Chi Hub Noosa every Thursday.