Teagan Banyan

Co owner/Founder The Chi Hub

Nambour – Tue & Thu

Meet Teagan Banyan the Co- Owner and Founder of The Chi Hubs. She has put an endless amount of time and energy towards the opening and functioning of The Chi Hubs.

Years working as a Travel agent and in sales was extremely useful skills she acquired towards the Chi Hubs creation and running. It’s been an avenue for her creativity to truly blossom with every detail of the whole renovation over seen by her.

Dealing with real estates, solicitors, trades, therapists, web designers and lockdowns has been a logistical challenge. Yet, she met that challenge head on. Community and natural health are extremely important values she lives and thrives by and we are grateful for her strength and courage in bringing this vision to life.

There is no way the creation of The Chi Hub had been possible without Teagan’s input. She really is the person behind the scenes pulling the strings, creating systems, beautifying the space and adding that touch of magic to what the Hubs are bringing to the community at large.

Teagan is currently studying to be a Sex, Love and Relationship coaching course. She will be offering sessions from the Nambour Hub from next year.

If you like to discuss the option of running an event, workshop or in joining the team, Teagan is available on Thursday’s at the Nambour Hub 9.30am -2pm or email: hello@thechihub.com.au